Karaokeplane 2022

The unofficial karaoke wrap-up returns in real life in Little Rock Arkansas!

October 11, 2022
10:00 pm until close
Cannibal & Craft
307 President Clinton Avenue
In between the HEWEB Big Social Event and the conference hotel

Join us for our 12th annual Karaoke outing. No singing experience is required, and no pressure to take the stage – we just want the pleasure of your company!

The last two years have been an incredible time of transition and turmoil for us all, and we’re glad that you could be here to share and learn from her peers, and to find those shoulders to lean on to understand what you’ve gone through and what lies ahead. What better way to cement new friendships and renew the bonds of camaraderie through song, dance, and shared meals?

Be sure to bring your conference badge to Cannibal & Craft, as our sponsor, OHO Interactive, will be giving out complimentary drink tickets at the door.

HEWEB Code of Conduct

Although KaraokePlane is an unofficial event, attendees from the HighEdWeb conference are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct set forth by the association.


Karaokeplane is grateful to our sponsor, OHO interactive, for helping us in selecting and organizing our venue.


Invisible Karaokeplane 2021

Our unofficial karaoke event is online and in flight again for 2021!
Starting at 8pm EST until we decide to land!

How it Works

  • Our event will be held in a Zoom webinar. All guests will enter as attendees.
  • Once you complete your boarding pass, we’ll send you an invitation to the Zoom webinar.
  • When it’s your time to sing, the event hosts will promote attendees to panelists/presenters so your microphones can be made active and so you can share your screen.
  • We’ll ask for you to find your vocal track on YouTube. When it’s time for you to sing, you’ll share your screen so others can sing the words and sing along.
  • If you want to song, notify our flight crew so we can add you to the rotation!
  • We’ll pick a few times during the evening to promote everyone to presenters so we’ll have a chance to talk and catch up as well.
  • Please note, that although KaraokePlane is an unofficial conference event, attendees are expected to follow the Code of Conduct for the Higher Education Web Professionals Association Annual Conference,

Your Flight Crew

  • Larry Falck
  • Jeffrey Stevens
  • Kara Sassone
  • Melissa Van De Werfhorst
  • Maren Walz

Karaokeplane 20/20

For 10 years, Karaokeplane has been a staple of the HighEdWeb Annual conference: an unofficial get-together for singing, laughing, and bonding together. We’ve grown from 30 attendees to over 400 in recent years – this year, we’re going online and going big!

A dark night sky with the outline of a jet plane and the words "Invisible Karaokeplane".

Date and Time

  • Tuesday, October 20
  • 9 p.m. Eastern / 8 p.m. Central

Meet Your Flight Crew:

  • Karaoke DJ – Jeff Martin
  • Karaoke DJ – Jeff Stevens
  • Zoom Crew Moderator – Shelley Keith
  • Zoom Crew Moderator – Nikki Thomas
  • Airplane Livery Designer – Ashi Franke

Your Sponsor

Thanks to our sponsor, Modern Tribe, we’ll be hosting our karaoke night through Zoom.

Want to Sing?

  • We’ll be using Zoom and YouTube to run our event – make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  • Go to YouTube and search for the audio track you’d like for your song selection – SingKing and Karafun tracks are solid bets, but there’s almost an infinite selection. Listen to make sure it’s in your tempo and doesn’t have accompanying tempo tracks.
  • Use our Google sign-up form to enter your name, email, song selection, and a link to the YouTube video.
  • For those that pre-sign up for the evening, we will be holding a tech session this weekend to coordinate audio and moderation.
  • Our Karaoke DJs and moderators will help move us from singer to singer throughout the night!
  • Don’t want to sign up until Tuesday night? No worries! While we’ll start from our pre-sign up list, we’ll also be selecting from those signing up night of – be starting with the first group, that’ll give you time to check your audio tracks to make sure they are to your liking.
  • We’ll be trying to give everyone who wants time to sing a chance, so please note we won’t call you back to the mic until we’ve gone through once.

Want to Attend?

  • Please RSVP to attend the event. We’ll have a waiting room for the event, and our moderators will let people from the waiting room through the night.
  • Not attending HighEdWeb? We’ve got ample room in our Zoom party – up to 1000 people. Part of the serendipity of Karaokeplane is hearing some awesome performances from locals. If you’ve ever wanted to invite someone to a Karaokeplane but couldn’t because they weren’t there in town – this is your chance. Simply have them fill in the referral in the RSVP form. (Please note: Referral guests must agree to follow the conference code of conduct)

About the Code of Conduct

While unofficial, Karaokeplane is mainly attended by conference attendees, and we want it to keep on being awesome for everyone. Like the association, we work hard to provide a harassment-free community and experience for everyone.

  • Read the association’s Code of Conduct policy
  • Our Karaokeplane moderators reserve the right to remove anyone from the Zoom chat and call should they violate the Code of Conduct.
  • If a selected song choice will violate the Code of Conduct policy, we will let singers know so they can choose alternate songs to share.

Karaokeplane 2019 Now Boarding


This year’s Karaokeplane will be an held at Tavern at Turner Hall , a 140-year-old bar and restaurant located in Turner Hall, a National Historic Landmark. The Tavern combines classic German architecture, Milwaukee’s music history, and historic murals to create a uniquely atmosphere.

The good folks from OHO Interactive have procured a karaoke DJ for this evening for the exclusive use of HighEdWeb attendees. Be sure to visit their booth during the conference to learn more about the event and to receive tickets for the event good for a free drink from the bar.


Tuesday, October 15, 2019
From 9:30 PM to close
Tavern at Turner Hall

The Tavern is located approximately three blocks north of the Milwaukee City Center Hilton.

About Karaokeplane

Starting in 2010, Karaokeplane was born of a hashtag typo (#karaokeplan) and is an unofficial karaoke outing at the Higher Education Web Professional Association’s annual conference. It’s grown from 30 attendees to nearly 200 from across the country, and promises a flight of fun, friendship, and singalongs.

Karaokeplane Flight Crew

  • Larry Falck
  • Chris D’Orso
  • Kara Sassone
  • Brian Panulla
  • Jeff Stevens (ex officio)

Karaokeplane 2017

Now boarding for Karaokeplane!

Our 2017 flight will take place at the Arch Street Tavern in Hartford Connecticut on Tuesday, October 10th starting at 9:30 pm. A few details:

  • This years Karaokeplane is hosted by the fine folks from OHO Interactive – they’ve got some goodies intended for you, so be sure to go by their booth during the HighEdWeb conference and thank them.
  • Being able to sing is not necessary – we welcome people of any skill level, or those that just choose to come and dance or talk or form a conga line – we’re just happy to have you here!
  • This year, we have our very own DJ coming in from the Amherst area of Massachusetts, so we will not be competing with the locals for his attention. Don’t get me wrong – I love to hear the local talent, but I know last year we had some disappointed attendees who weren’t able to sing because of the crowd (and payola).
  • Departure: The first group to karaokeplane will depart from the Big Social event at around 9:15. Look for the #karaokeplane on Twitter to find out where we’ll meet.
  • New this year – sing-along! To get the crowd into the mood, we’ve got some planned singalongs for that first crowd heading to Arch Street. Look for your Karaoke Flight Crew to help hand lyrics sheets out!

In the event of a water landing, your microphone will not serve as a flotation device. But it will serve you should you decide to sing ‘Under the Sea.’

Your Flight Crew


Pilot: Jeff Stevens


Co-Pilot: Larry Falck

 Your flight crew for the event is Jeff Stevens (@kuratowa) and Larry Falck (@lfalck).

KaraokePlane Swag


Karaokeplane 2017 ButtonThis year is the 40th anniversary or Star Wars. To celebrate, Karaokeplane is taking a spin in the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.

Getting a button is easier than targeting a womp rat in a T-16 back home. We’ll have 100 buttons to give away to our first 100 attendees. So get there early, and may the force be with you.



This year we have commemorative Karaokeplane t-shirts! Celebrate the first seven years of Karaokeplane with out 5/7 Tour shirts. Shirts come in fashionable aubergine (as close to Pantone Prince as I can get) and are $15.00 ($17.00 for 2xl and 3xl sizes).


How to order.

  1. Go to this Google Doc and enter your name and desired shirt size (If at all possible we will try and get women’s cut shirts for those that request it – otherwise they will be standard T-shirt sizes).
  2. Send a PayPal payment to designer@uniondesignphoto.com.